Engine repair, rebuild, and reconditioning services

The team at Approved Engines provides a full range of engine repair, rebuild, and reconditioning services. All it takes is a phone call, we will take care of the rest, including collection and delivery.

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Cylinder heads

Our cylinder head rework is among the best in the country.

To start we clean, degrease, and (on request) aqua blast cylinder heads. We then: 

- pressure test and skim

- clean valves and lap back in

- valve polishing 

Engine blocks and bottom end rebuilds

This is where the fun starts… We start with a thorough clean, degrease, and (on request) aqua blast. We then:

- Measure and check all components, and replace where necessary

Replace main bearings and big end bearings

Re-gap piston rings to manufacturer specifications

We can finish the engine block in a colour of your choice to give your engine bay that fully-customised look.

Engine block repair

In some cases we can repair engine blocks by fitting either ductile or standard liners.

we can also oversize bores to allow for bigger pistons / to repair a damaged bore

Performance that lasts

We use only the best quality parts, which will improve the longevity of your reconditioned or rebuilt engine. We have seen many an engine built with low-cost parts, and they simply don’t last. 

The end results

Pictured below are some engines we have rebuilt, forged, or reconditioned to the very highest standards.

Information and pricing

For more information or pricing, call us now on 01787 743 031 or email info@approvedengines.com.

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