Approved engines Launch

Approved engines Launch

Approved engines have launched there new website ! bringing consumers and car breakers closer together ! Ensuring even more car parts are recycled! 

It all started when a friend of ours was searching for parts for his Camper van and found new parts were typically 80% more expensive than used & tested parts – BUT even used parts is a varied widely in price.

That got us thinking… If only there was a way you could quickly find out which breakers have the parts you need. And then quickly get in touch to find the best price…

We decided to do something about it, and worked closely with some of the internet’s finest coding wizards to develop LiveCarBR.

Live car breaking

LiveCarBR is a bit like real-time, live car breaking, with a finger on the pulse of the UK’s vehicle breakers. Car owners and mechanics can quickly access to stock lists and have a means to quickly get in touch for the best prices (without being bombarded with phone calls or emails).

An experienced team

Our experienced team has been working in the car trade for more than 20 years, and has built a proud reputation for service, reliability, and quality. This knowledge and experience has been instrumental in providing car owners, mechanics, and breakers alike a user-friendly, streamlined experience.

We know people are busy, and time is precious. By streamlining the process of searching for the used car parts you need, we make life simpler for everyone.

Regardless of the make or model of your vehicle, if our network of breakers has the part you need you will find it quickly with LiveCarBR.

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