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Tips to increase the longevity of your EcoBoost engine

If you’ve recently bought a Ford car, chances are you have the EcoBoost engine. This innovative engine is available in most of Ford’s models, including the popular Fiesta and Focus lines. 

Designed to be more environmentally friendly than a traditional car engine, the EcoBoost also offers advantages in performance. But as with all engines, proper maintenance is needed to get the most out of them.

Here’s how you can increase the longevity of your EcoBoost engine. 

What is an EcoBoost Engine?

Before we head into the tips, it’s important to understand exactly what the EcoBoost engine is and what it does.

The EcoBoost engine has been designed to utilise direct injection, where only a small, pressurised amount of fuel is directed into each compression chamber. Not only does this make fuel consumption more effective, but it also makes the engine more eco-friendly.

Additionally, the EcoBoost engine has been designed with performance in mind. These turbocharged engines create increased torque, leading to fewer gear changes and consistent power across road surfaces. 

However, these specialist engines require careful maintenance to give you peak performance. When frequently serviced and well cared for, these engines are durable and long lasting. 

Servicing Tips

So, how can you best maintain your EcoBoost engine to increase its longevity? Firstly, you should be careful to reduce carbon build up on the engine. The best way to resolve this is to use fine steel wool alongside solvents on the engine parts where there may be a build up. We also recommend you ocean the injectors regularly and keep up to date with any required servicing dates for your vehicle.

When it comes to choosing the fuel for your EcoBoost engine, always use high-quality petrol. In this case, you should look for high octane petrol: fuel with an octane rating of 90 or above.

Additionally, you should perform careful checks every 250 miles and every 37,500 miles or three years (whichever comes first).

Every 250 miles:

  • Check the engine oil level
  • Check the coolant level
  • Check the screen wash fluid level
  • Check the brake/clutch fluid level
  • Check the tyres and tyre pressures
  • Check the power steering fluid level
  • Check the condition of the battery
  • Check the condition of the wiper blades

Every 37,500 miles/three years:

  • Renew the air filter
  • Renew the spark plugs

Looking for a reconditioned EcoBoost engine?

Approved Engines is a trusted supplier of reconditioned engines, including reconditioned EcoBoost engines. We’ve been supplying, rebuilding, and reconditioning engines for over 20 years, and all our reconditioned engines come with a warranty. 

If you’re looking for a reconditioned EcoBoost engine for your Ford car, you want to be sure that you’re getting a high-quality product. All of our reconditioned engines use high-quality parts, and the EcoBoost range is one of our specialties.

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