Is the Ford Fiesta the UK’s most stolen car?

Is the Ford Fiesta the UK’s most stolen car?


A Ford Fiesta is one of the best choices for an affordable, easy-to-drive car.

However, according to the DVLA, it’s also popular with thieves, and in 2023, it was the most stolen vehicle in the UK.


Ford Fiesta: Officially the UK’s most stolen car

The DVLA's stats show that a Ford Fiesta is stolen every 88 minutes, and it’s not even the latest version at the top of the theft list. An incredible 5,976 Ford Fiestas were stolen in 2023, with models produced in 2016 the most likely to be nicked.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the Ford Focus is second on the list, with 2,210 being stolen.



Not all thefts include the whole car

Believe it or not, many thefts don’t involve stealing the actual vehicle. Due to a parts shortage worldwide caused by the pandemic and war in Ukraine, thieves are stripping cars of their parts and selling them to chop shops both at home and abroad.


How to protect yourself if you own a Ford Fiesta

These stats are worrying, but that shouldn’t put you off owning a Ford. The likelihood of your car being targeted is still fairly small, but you can protect your vehicle in the following ways:

1.      Invest in a Faraday pouch

With keyless car thefts on the rise, carrying your keys in a Faraday pouch blocks the signal, preventing thieves from carjacking your vehicle as you approach it.


2.    Install CCTV cameras

Install cameras both inside your car and on the exterior of your home, and if your car is targeted, you’ll catch thieves in the act.


3.    Erect gates in your driveway

You might be proud of your open driveway and love the hassle of just being able to drive in and out without a care, but you’re also leaving yourself wide open to thieves.

Putting up gates might mean you have to get in and out to open and close them, but it’s a small inconvenience compared to your car being decimated for parts or stolen completely.


4.    Park in safe areas

While parking on a quiet street might be free and seem like a good idea, parking in well-populated areas with CCTV cameras or in paid car parks with security reduces the risk of your vehicle being stolen.


Have a chat with Approved Engines

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