Pro Tips: Achieving Optimal 2.0 Ecoblue Engine High-Pressure Pump Timing

Pro Tips: Achieving Optimal 2.0 Ecoblue Engine High-Pressure Pump Timing

At Approved Engines,  we're committed to assisting our customers with top-notch solutions for their vehicle needs. Today, we're delving into a prevalent issue surrounding the high-pressure fuel pump timing on the 2.0 Ecoblue engine—a topic that demands attention and clarity.

Troubleshooting P228C Fault: Low Pressure Fuel Pressure Regulator Solutions

In the intricate world of engine mechanics, the high-pressure pump takes centre stage as a pressure-driven powerhouse, with the pulse and regulation happening further along in the system. Contrary to a common misconception, it isn't synchronised with top dead center (TDC). However, a critical element in ensuring your vehicle's smooth operation is aligning the cam sensor correctly, preventing issues such as the notorious P228C fault (fuel pressure regulator 1 exceeded control limits - low pressure).

Step-by-Step Breakdown

Let's break down the process for optimal results: Begin by setting your cam and crank to their factory timing positions, securing them in place with the appropriate holding tools. Following this, direct your attention to the high-pressure pump pulley



(see image 1), ensuring the timing teeth are precisely at the 6 o'clock position. With the belt taut, rotate the engine 2 1/4 turns clockwise on the crank. Now, the timing teeth on the high-pressure pump gear should seamlessly mesh with the timing mark on the intermediate shaft gear (see image 2).



Alignment still falling short?

If, by any chance, alignment falls slightly short, don't panic. Safely pin the timing gear on the high-pressure pump and remove it. Using mole grips, delicately adjust the pump to the correct position, aligning the marks, and securely tighten the gear. This meticulous process guarantees correct correlation, eliminating the fueling fault mentioned earlier.

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