When To Recondition Your Engine - The Tell Tale signs

When To Recondition Your Engine - The Tell Tale signs

Replacing an engine is something that many vehicle owners dread due to the stress and financial implications. However, rather than buying new, investing in a reconditioned engine can be a sensible choice for the savvy motorist, both for the environment and bank balance. Here, we'll explore what a reconditioned engine is, and the signs that might indicate motorists need one.

What is a reconditioned engine

A reconditioned engine has been stripped, thoroughly cleaned, and rebuilt, with any previously damaged parts replaced. Most of the engine's various features have once been used, but after reconditioning, the whole should now be as good as new. By replacing cylinder heads, cleaning and degreasing all components and updating anything old or worn, engine experts can offer motorists a more affordable and sustainable option to get their vehicles back on the road. 


Here are the telltale signs that show motorists they may need to recondition their vehicle's engine.


Excess smoke 

If you are seeing excess smoke emanating from your tailpipe, even when the engine is cold or has just started, it is likely a sign that something is seriously wrong with your vehicle. Thick, black smoke suggests that you need to get it checked and might have to invest in a reconditioned engine

Heavy oil consumption 

If a vehicle consumes more oil than usual, yet the oil pressure is still low, this could indicate an issue with the engine. Usually, this is related to the space between the different parts of the engine growing more extensive as they wear due to everyday use. Such wear and tear leads to more room for oil to escape when burned off and can mean dark smoke begins to come off the engine. If this happens, it could mean bearings or valve guides must be replaced. If the problem persists, then a reconditioned engine could be required. 

Knocking sounds 

Drivers never like to hear unusual sounds from their engines, as they are usually a cause for some concern. A knocking sound could indicate they need to have their vehicle checked as soon as possible before it gets worse, as worn bearings can often make this sound. Although they can last thousands of miles, bearings can decay, usually if a car is poorly maintained. The louder the knocking becomes, the more urgent the need for a mechanic and potentially a reconditioned engine.

A rattle or a chattering sound can indicate other engine issues, such as a broken piston ring or valve train decay. 

Coolant loss 

Radiators rely on a steady supply of coolant to function effectively. If a head gasket has blown, this can cause a loss of cylinder pressure leading to a loss of coolant. Drivers can check for this by removing a radiator gap and looking at the coolant's surface after the engine has been used. If too much pressure and coolant run out of an overflow, a new blown head gasket might be needed. 

As we have seen, there are myriad issues behind an engine malfunctioning. Drivers should get their vehicles regularly checked by an expert to see if a reconditioned engine is what they require. 

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Not only is a reconditioned engine cheaper than buying new, it’s also a more environmentally-friendly option than buying a new car.

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